Revisions and New paragraphs

Paragraphs before revision- Here at UNE I am in a Dominant Secondary Discourse because as James Paul Gee says it, “allows for the acquisition of social goods and status points” (Gee). Which I am earning by being here and studying a higher education. Gee thinks the purpose of college defines “Discourse as a combination of … [Read more…]

Revision plan for paper #2

I plan on expanding on the scholarly articles in my paper. I want to explain more about what I think the purpose of college is so it makes sense to everybody. Also, explain the connections of my beliefs and the scholarly articles ideas.

Neusner’s questions

Reflective Writing- Neusner says a major is like a “field of concentration”. The major thus defines the subject or area the student learns with special emphasis. His criteria for choosing a major is 1st it must be a strong department, something that interests you, you should want to continue to study this major after college, … [Read more…]

Ungar questions

Misconception number 1 is explaining how liberal arts degrees and college, in general, are a luxury that many families can longer afford. Misconception number 2 is explaining how it is getting harder for college students with a liberal arts degree to find good jobs when they get out. Misconception number 3 is explaining that a … [Read more…]

literacy analysis review plan

In my literacy analysis, I need to expand on my claim and explain it better. I also need to add quotes where there needs to be more explaining on the topic. I also need to add a closing paragraph and look for grammar mistakes when proof reading. *Add works cited page*